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The Rs 41 billion metro project will begin after approval from Centre

August 2019
Reportedly, the Lucknow Rail Corporation (LMRC) conducted a survey to assess metro routes in the city and took into account the challenges faced during the construction of the metro.

A meeting to deliberate on the issues was also held by the concerned authorities. Taken into account were the routes that were inspected, which include- Gorkhanath temple gate to Bargadwa and Shyam Nagar, Gulriha to Transport Nagar via Asurn and routes from Mohaddipur to the station.

In Gorakhpur, the metro is proposed to run on pillars with a width of two metres, the distance between them is estimated to be 27 metres. However, the main problem lies in the construction of these pillars on a four-lane road without causing any hindrance.

Currently, a four-lane road is under construction along the metro route between Shyam Nagar and Divyanagar. 

Awaiting approval from the Centre, the construction of the proposed Rs 41 billion project will commence and will include two corridors and 27 metro stations on the route.