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An Organic, Biophilic and Restorative Work Environment
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An Organic, Biophilic and Restorative Work Environment

01 Feb 2020
Here’s how Concept Consilio created a digital garden at Yash Technologies, Pune!

As the name signifies, Yash Technologies has success written all over it. So, growth is a given for the firm that has 30+ offices and development centres in India and abroad.
For their newly extended facility in Pune, India, the company wanted a personality that conveyed a fresh design imprint while maintaining continuity with its existing character. Concept Consilio, Mumbai, was chosen for the project.

The Biophilic design approach

Concept Consilio’s team conducted a detailed study of the client’s history, aesthetic sense and expectations. After discussions, the team narrowed down on ‘Biophilia’ as the design framework. Biophilia is about humankind’s innate connection with Nature and the quest here was to create a sustainable work environment that led to enhanced well-being, reduced stress and clarity of thought.
The focal point of the design was the central hub that connected all corners of the building from which all the visual and functional aspects of the design grew out from, organically.

Flooring: Partner in the design theme

The foor is always the first point of tactile interaction, and hence, the material had to be in tune with the Biophilic theme. Given the high reputation of Shaw Contract carpet tiles for sustainability, the design team chose vibrant coloured, geometrically shaped tiles from collections that included Configure (for collaboration areas) and vertical layer (for work station areas).

In conversation with Nature Amidst rapidly urbanising and soulless office spaces, Yash Technologies’ new office stands out for its communion with Nature and its restorative properties. 
Shaw Contract’s Cradle-to-Cradle certification, impressive sustainable features, wide variety of textures and the fantastic underfoot comfort, contributed solidly to Concept Consilio’s design objectives of the project.
“Sustainability is central to every project we take up. It is a default setting. Apart from the responsibility and effort it carries, we believe we have a role spreading the message of sustainability among clients,” said Sunil Mishra, Principal Designer, Concept Consilio India.
“Our new development centre is designed to seamlessly integrate people, places, technology and reflect our collaborative culture.  
We choose flooring material that is contemporary in style, easy to maintain and sustainable, which enables our staff to work 
in a conducive environment. 
Shaw Contract fulfilled all these requirements,” said Manoj Tiwari, Deputy General Manager-Facilities & Procurement Administration, Yash Technologies.

(Communication by the management of the company)
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