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CW Annual Awards 2011: How will 2012 unfold?

November 2011
CW Annual Awards 2011-Expert Speak

While the CONSTRUCTION WORLD Annual Awards focussed on the race for infrastructure development in terms of cost, technology and manpower, Shriyal Sethumadhavan went behind the scenes to grab some quick bytes from industry head honchos. Here, we present their views on the industry and predictions for 2012.

Vinayak Deshpande, Managing Director, Tata Projects
"The government is working hard to streamline things, and I hope many projects will be announced in 2012. And, if that happens, it will be good for both the industry and the country."

Vipin Sondhi, Managing Director, JCB India
"The next year will be critical to ensure that the government continues to promote infrastructure development. We require a lot more coordination across the government to ensure that all approvals are in place, of course, after complete analysis."

Sunil Takyar, Managing Director, Bechtel India
"The current market is say 30 per cent, when it should be at 40 per cent. But, there is immense potential. We only have to ensure a pool of labour, craft and technicians."

RK Somany, Chairman and Managing Director, HSIL
"There are always some ups and downs. Currently, rise in interest rates and EMIs has led to a slight delay in purchases. But, with good exports and construction rate, I don't see any problems in the near future."

Jagdishkumar Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director, J Kumar Infraprojects  
"The future looks bright. The only problem we face is the lack of staff and labour. But, that is an issue we will face, and arrangements will have to be made accordingly."

Prabir Kumar Ray, Executive President-RMC, Key Accounts, Building Products, UltraTech Cement
"Infrastructure will have a very strong role to play in the near future. Similarly, in 2012, the construction industry will grow and will ride on the back of infrastructure."

Dr GVK Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, GVK Group
"There is immense potential and opportunity for the country. But, it depends on how the government acts. Due to financial crises, construction has slowed down. We are building the nation. But, finally, infrastructure belongs to the government, and hence, we require their encouragement and support."

Jitendra Sharma, CEO, Action Construction Equipment
"The projections for this year did not do as well as was anticipated. But, we are expecting a steady rise. The industry should grow by about 12-15 per cent."

M Goutham Reddy, Executive Director, Ramky Group
"At present, India is way behind what it should be. We are still less than 5 per cent capital formation in terms of GDP. The year 2012 will bring along huge opportunities. But, there is a long way to go in my view."

Nakul Gupta, Director, Technofab Engineering Ltd
"The Indian market is growing and will continue to grow. It is all about funding. And I see no reduction in funding sources with the World Bank, bilateral and multilateral agencies coming in and the Central and state governments' focus on infrastructure."

Ramesh Nair, Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle
"It is going to be a challenging year for the real estate sector. We see the existing amount of liquidity squeeze being addressed. Demand is definitely expected to go up; with office at 35-40 million sq ft, retail at 15 million sq ft and residential at 300 plus million sq ft."

Darius Pandole, Partner, New Silk Route Advisors
"In the short term, certain structural improvements need to be made in the economy. But, in the long term, there is huge opportunity across various segments of infrastructure, be it power generation, ports, logistics, etc."

Munavar Sheriff, Executive Director-EPC, Marg Ltd
"Fiscal 2012-13 is going to be very challenging with several projects coming up in the marine, rural, urban and industrial infrastructure. The year 2012 will definitely be a stepping stone to achieve our aim of being a billion dollar group by 2014-15."

AH Kewalramani, COO, Tractors India
"We are looking at infrastructure in a very positive way, and although 2011 has been a bit challenging, next year, the growth should be very encouraging. We expect the industry to grow at around 20 per cent."

Raghavan Ramaswamy, Member of the Board, Sandvik Asia
"We are looking forward to 2012. Being a Swedish company, we believe that India is the market for us. The country is now ready to make that quantum leap, which China had experienced a few decades ago. And we, very eagerly, want to be a part of this leap."

D Keshava Kumar, Head-Machinery Works & Joint General Manager L&T-Komatsu
"The Indian construction equipment industry is growing by 30-40 per cent. So, there is immense potential to grab the market share, retain it and grow."

SN Subrahmanyan, Member of the Board and Senior Executive Vice-President (Construction), L&T
"India is growing at 7-8 per cent, which, in today's context, is a fantastic situation. The  
government is the fountainhead of all projects. Infrastructure and projects are the need of the hour, and if the economy grows, we will grow too. So, we continue to remain optimistic."