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Who is to blame for the Mumbai-Goa bridge collapse
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Who is to blame for the Mumbai-Goa bridge collapse

04 Aug 2016
Be it under construction or an existing structure, looks like India is creating a record of bridge collapses! In its most recent, approximately 80 per cent of the 70-year-old British-era Mumbai-Goa highway bridge collapsed. Following the mishap, two buses are missing and a few other vehicles are feared to have been swept away; records state 20 missing and two bodies recovered.

There were two parallel bridges - one is a new bridge and one constructed during the British era. Operational for vehicular traffic from Goa to Mumbai, primary reason of the collapse of the old bridge is said to be the high pressure caused due to flooding of river Savitri. As the old bridge collapsed, the administration is now ascertaining strength and stability of the new bridge. Also, Sheetal Ugale, District Magistrate of Raigad has reportedly stated that old bridges on the national highways will be audited, and if they are not safe, corrective measures will be taken. It’s sad that it cost a collapse for a decision of auditing and probing into safety to be taken!  

As on March, among other similar disasters, a flyover under construction in the city of Kolkata (Calcutta) collapsed, killing at least 20 people and injuring nearly 100. And in 2011, some 32 people died and 132 were injured after a bridge collapsed at a political event in Darjeeling in West Bengal.  

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