How temporary chiller rental works!

How temporary chiller rental works!

Did you know that water scarcity is now a major concern in almost every part of the world? That is why water-cooled chiller rentals are now a debate versus using air-cooled chiller rentals. We will take a few points of these two methods and how they are different to each other.

What is a chiller?

A chiller, vastly used in industrial facilities, is a cooling machine that eradicates heat and transfers this to the area using a refrigeration process. These could be an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller. Though the function is similar, there are a lot of differences in these two methods which we will put into details in this article.


Water-cooled chillers have longer lifespan as they are installed indoors and are not exposed to rain, snow, ice, and heat so they don't need replacement often as air-cooled chillers do.