Bridging gaps between warehouse and trucks
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Bridging gaps between warehouse and trucks

Bridging gaps between warehouse and trucks

01 Nov 2014
Toshi provides complete solutions for logistics that includes dock levellers, dock seals and industrial sectional doors.
Toshi offers a wide range of technical solutions for safe and efficient cargo flows between vehicle and warehouse. It is used in dock places where cargo is moved from one level or floor to another. Loading equipment can mainly be used in cold storage, warehouse, large shopping center and super market, factories, exhibition center, custom and logistics terminals, etc.

Toshi dock levellers are designed to act as a bridge between warehouse and trucks or trailer body and to provide quick and unimpeded movement of forklift during loading and unloading. It can be used with trucks that are equipped with tail lifts. It is provided with safety steel mechanical support, safety foot protection, and standard rubber bumpers with thick wing steel plates for protection. It is equipped with fault alarm, multi-switch button control and an emergency stop button on the front cover. It has a loading capacity of 6,000-15,000 kg.

Dock shelters
Toshi Docks Shelters are designed for sealing of space between the loading docking bay and truck to obtain quick safe loading or unloading of goods. It protects premises and goods against bad weather, rain and dust, and control temperature and provides comfortable working conditions. Standard dimension of dock shelters are good to work with truck or standard trailers. Toshi dock shelter are made of water insoluble material and is highly resistant to various chemical, acids, alkalis and are adaptive to all types of vehicles and lorries.

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