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CPWD approaches J&K administration to offer infrastructural support

CPWD approaches J&K administration to offer infrastructural support

06 Sep 2019
The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has reportedly offered the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) administration support in developing economical and quality infrastructure in the upcoming Union Territories of J&K and Leh which will be formed on October 31. 

The Centre’s main authority for construction, the CPWD will seek to increase its resources in terms of manpower in these regions to carry out the developmental projects. 

As reported, the Director General of the department, Prabhakar Singh has stated in a letter to the state’s Chief Secretary B V R Subrahmanyam that CPWD’s field units are fully capable of taking up construction in fast and economical manner in the region.

Being the country’s biggest construction agency, it undertakes numerous development projects of the Centre including several from the state administrations as well. Apart from putting up fences on India’s international borders, it also carries out activities in foreign countries to promote welfare programmes with India.  

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