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Vizag corporation plans biogas plant

January 2013

Soon some streetlights in Visakhapatnam may be lit using the electric power generated from the biogas plant proposed by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC).

The civic body plans to generate 100 cubic metre of biogas from 2 tonne of organic waste generated from kitchen through the proposed plant.

The biogas plant would use around 98 per cent of the food and vegetable waste from household kitchens and rythubazars to generate electricity.

The plant would be used for effective management of solid waste and to generate electric power on an experimental basis. Initially, around 80 streetlights can be lit with the electric power generated from the biogas by using 15 to 18 kw capacity power generators.

Various segments in the city generate around 800 to 1,000 tonne of waste on a daily basis. Especially, domestic waste from kitchens is being collected, by an outsourcing firm, and segregated and then composted.

Depending on the experiment more biogas plants would be set up. A standing committee of the GVMC earlier visited Bruhath Banglore Maha Palika (BBMP) where 8 mw of electric power is generated from 800 mn t of waste with biogas plants in 24 wards spread across the city.