Avoid a hard landing

The UPA government subjected the infrastructure sector to policy paralysis, environment clearance roadblocks and high-intensity redtape. The NDA government fought tooth and nail to bring about an ordinance when all other measures failed to get all parties onboard the Land Acquisition Act. This was necessitated as the methods for acquiring land under the dated Land […]

The ‘Right’ Step

The economy received a shot in the arm, as contrary to its perceived stance the government swung right. It took the bold and decisive step of cutting tax rates by 10-25 per cent for domestic companies. For new manufacturing investments, companies can now avail of a tax rate of 17 per cent provided the new […]

Why our cities are sinking!

And how we can save them. At some places, we are dangerously close to breaking point; at others, we are skirting disaster. According to reports, the Karnataka Government was contemplating a ban on the construction of new apartments in Bengaluru to resolve water scarcity. The deputy chief minister revealed that there was a gap between […]

Fuelling the economic engine

As a country, the first stage to providing a growth-led economy has been set as the verdict has been unanimous, allowing the current PM to continue the process of rebuilding India with the requisite authority in Parliament. The other ensuing benefit would be the acceleration of existing schemes and restoration of momentum to unfinished and […]