Tony of Atlas Copco: We have a good mix of compressors in our diesel range

Tony of Atlas Copco: We have a good mix of compressors in our diesel range

What are the key applications of mobile air compressors in construction, mining, and drilling operations? What is the current demand trend? Portable air compressors play a crucial role in providing consistent and reliable air in mining, infrastructure, and construction applications. The ...

What are the key applications of mobile air compressors in construction, mining, and drilling operations? What is the current demand trend? Portable air compressors play a crucial role in providing consistent and reliable air in mining, infrastructure, and construction applications. The mining application specifically, is a segment of immense importance, looking at the number of aggregates which is required for infrastructure and construction projects. Similarly, the extraction of minerals such as iron ore, manganese, coal, limestone, etc. with reliable portable air compressors with the lowest possible energy consumption is an important application under metal mining. Similarly, all the infrastructure and construction projects start with excavations where portable compressors are required and then the entire work chain starts. Infrastructure, mining, quarrying, and waterwell are the four major segments of the portable compressor business. With the increased focus on road development and the revival in the mining and quarrying segment, there is continued demand for portable compressors. Besides this, the waterwell segment also contributes to the demand for large compressors for borewell applications. In the coming years, we look forward to infrastructure and mining projects gaining momentum giving us continued opportunities to touch lives and improve the infrastructure needs of people in India. We expect slow and staggering growth in the short term but expect stability and better growth in the long term. We have a state-of-the-art factory in Chakan, Pune, which is twice the capacity of our earlier setup and has a possibility to get doubled if required to meet increasing customer demands. What are the key productivity parameters of mobile air compressors? Our goal is to continuously provide innovative Atlas Copco technology so that scaled-up customer expectations in terms of quality and service are always fulfilled. Atlas Copco is a big investor in R&D in India and as leaders in innovation, we focus on localisation of time-tested Atlas Copco technology. We consistently develop and launch new technology to suit local application needs. We have a good mix of compressors in our diesel range with the following productivity parameters: starting from 160 cfm to 1250 cfm, pressure range of 7 bar to 35 bar covering diverse applications, we also have an advanced electric range starting from 45 kw up to 132 kw (300 cfm up to 600 cfm; 7 bar to 14 bar) The range combines lightweight compressors with small dimensions, making it easy to manoeuvre on site. Other key productivity parameters are pressure and flow and we deliver both as we commit so fuel efficiency and return on investment are ensured. What are the new products and solutions offered? What are the features to meet extreme working environments? We are focused on launching breakthrough technology to make the lives of our customers easier. Some new compressor introductions are the first of their kind in India: The NEW XAS500-185 has many FIRSTS to its name: First option to choose pressure range from 6-15 bar First portable air compressor to have single side servicing for the compressor as well as engine. First portable air compressor to have common drain points. X-Air850-290 portable air compressor is the latest addition in the coal mining and waterwell drilling segment. Lighter and compact Smaller footprint as a perfect match for truck mounted as well as excavator mounted application Powerful and fuel-efficient What are the environment-friendly features in your product range? Our electric portable compressor E-Air range, including 45KW, 55KW, 75KW, 90KW, 110KW and 132KW offers the most versatile and full range of pressure and flow combinations so that our customers can experience the full power of electric! Atlas Copco aims to contribute to a clean environment with clean and green solutions and our E-Air range of compressors is the right step towards achieving this goal. Zero emissions: Highly efficient screw element which delivers more output while consuming less power Energy efficient motor ensures zero emissions Low sound levels: The robust canopy is designed to ensure low sound levels on site, making them ideal for usage in urban areas The total cost of ownership delivered with 65 per cent cost savings v/s diesel compressors: 50 per cent lower running cost 40 per cent lower maintenance cost Reduction in footprint by 30 per cent saves space and therefore lowers transport cost: 50 per cent lighter v/s diesel driven compressor 33 per cent smaller v/s diesel driven compressor Less maintenance time and cost: Less than one hour to change oil, separator element, filters, etc. Low maintenance cost, higher machine uptime Fewer parts required and lower breakdowns experienced than diesel compressors The E-Air range compressors are built to deliver a carbon-reduced footprint with higher ROI, where although the initial Investment in price is higher, the payback after one year is much higher than diesel compressors. In the current difficult market conditions, how are you taking on the challenges in terms of production, sales, and aftermarket operations? We have the products to match our upgraded portfolio and technologically advanced portable air compressors and waterwell compressors which will continue to support key applications in infrastructure, mining, and construction projects. Our main focus was and continues to be the safety of our employees and our customers. We have taken the necessary steps early on to ensure social distancing and hygiene norms in our production facilities in Chakan and Dapodi located in Pune. We maintain the highest norms for employee care while ensuring our equipment meets the quality and performance that our customers have come to know and expect. Besides this, our service team follows strict predefined SOP for on-site visits, which are necessary to ensure our portable air compressors are always up and running. We also manage service requests remotely wherever possible with our Power Connect mobile app designed to support customers online with the help of parts manuals and step-by-step assistance over the computer or phone. What are your future plans in the changing market and operational conditions? The post-Covid world is changing and so are market dynamics. There is a need for speed and higher deliverables such as: Faster production and timely deliveries New technology that delivers productivity and convenience Digital service for remote resolutions with skilled expertise and well-trained hands-on ground The challenge for manufacturers is to bring in new technology on a consistent basis. We as market leaders will launch advanced technology products to grow faster than the industry; for that, we will continuously innovate. Collaboration is going to be important for a faster recovery for all sectors. Take for example the waterwell compressor segment. The Rig Owners Association in Tiruchengode is going to play a key role in restarting drilling operations and at Atlas Copco, we stay connected and understand their concerns while shaping up our portfolio for their upcoming needs. Our close coordination with engine manufacturers and key component suppliers is also what we focus on to ensure there is a good understanding of the scope of supply in their challenges if any which we can support on. With a continued focus to power the future with innovative technology, Atlas Copco sets new benchmarks in the portable air compressor segment, with the launch of forward-thinking compressors.

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