4Cs for On-site Safety

4Cs for On-site Safety

Anshul Singhal Managing Director Welspun One Logistics Parks “In this dynamic business environment driven by innovation, technology, and abiding by ESG practices, our commitment stands strong to enable the sustainable use of resources and create a measurable impact at larg...

Anshul Singhal Managing Director Welspun One Logistics Parks “In this dynamic business environment driven by innovation, technology, and abiding by ESG practices, our commitment stands strong to enable the sustainable use of resources and create a measurable impact at large, by building value for our stakeholders.” — Anshul Singhal Welspun One Logistics Parks strives to make a long-term and meaningful impact across all our projects. With our parks, our vision for the next decade extends beyond developing square footage to – creating jobs, adding to state revenues, and sustaining overall socio-economic growth nationally. We have ingrained Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) practices into our core values, to an extent that it is governing every business decision we undertake. The company is determined to provide sustainable warehousing solutions by incorporating green infrastructure, industry-leading technology, and ecosystem-based approaches. We have a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance and we maintain a gold-standard compliance policy for statutory, legal, construction, health, safety, and environmental regulations, which form the core of our internal value system. Environmental Our mission is to ensure we provide solutions to problems that our customers face and overlap that with our ideology of sustainable development. Our facilities are built incorporating elements of zero discharge, and green infrastructure and are ecosystem driven. The parks are designed as per global standards and Green Building Certification requirements. We view climate change as both a risk and an opportunity and therefore, we integrate environmental considerations in our Development Analysis Framework. This means that we aim to always reduce, reuse and recycle waste to the maximum extent possible. Our industrial and logistics parks promote natural habitat and biodiversity on-site by providing a green belt with tree plantations and a drip/sprinkler irrigation system. Some noteworthy integrations include 100 per cent water treatment, 51 per cent of it is used in irrigation; 96.1 per cent of construction waste is diverted for reuse and recycling; 37 per cent reduction in water usage by using low flow fixtures; 68 per cent of materials used are eco-friendly; sewage treatment plant; rainwater harvesting; energy-efficient lighting; skylights; natural ventilation and use of alternate and energy-efficient solar power sources. Elaborating on other fundamentals that are practised at our parks during various stages right from ideation to development includes aspects such as going 100 per cent paperless by embracing digital initiatives, conducting sapling plantation drives and distribution in villages and among workers, using energy-efficient lighting systems across the facility, separate bins for wet and dry waste at parks, offices and workmen camps, reusing hard rock for development purposes and concrete cubes for making support structure for steel in the steel yard and temporary steps of sheds on site, a separate area for storing chemicals at the site to avoid spillage and soil pollution, and stacking black cotton soil/topsoil for future usage in vegetation and plantation. Our flagship Bhiwandi project in the MMR region was awarded as India’s first Platinum Pre-certified Green Logistics Park by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Being recognised for various forward-looking green measures, we are the first company in this category to register under the pilot programme and receive a pre-certification of the new rating system “IGBC Green Logistics Parks and Warehouses.” Keeping this in mind, we are also working towards eco-friendly measures beyond the fence such as the installation of solar PV systems, street lights, renovation of public toilets, and other such facilities for the social well-being of occupants in and nearby communities and villages of the Bhiwandi park. Social Employee safety is our utmost priority and a core responsibility we imbibe in our culture. This has been achieved by implementing safe work systems and raising awareness through Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) education for our workforce. With stringent safety norms and a well-devised plan of action to implement safety control measures, we were able to achieve a remarkable milestone of 3M+ safe man-hours across our projects at our Bhiwandi, Farukhnagar, and Lucknow park locations collectively. We actively promote the adoption of safe working practices, employee welfare policies, and diversity and inclusion efforts across teams. Some safety practices followed by us include vertigo tests for those working at a height, safety nets, lifelines, and safety harnesses used for fall protection. Furthermore, we ensure periodic inspections of scaffolding platforms and lifting gears and appliances. In addition to these, electrical work safety is ensured by using LOTO, and PAT tests for hand tools, and by using IP-rated external DBs. Similarly, pedestrian safety is ensured at sites by keeping designated walkways and flagmen at the crossing zones for segregating traffic. We have also introduced the 4C cards initiative to formalise safe working conditions at the parks. A health safety and environment personnel are appointed to check and verify the 4C card when they come on the site visit and they may take action on the task owner if work is started without a 4C risk start card. The 4C stands for Check, Clear, Control, and Communicate. Check to ensure that manpower allocated for the task is skilled, trained, and experienced; Clear elements that can cause harm by identifying the hazard at the workplace; Control the harm caused by incorporating preventive actions; Communicate with an appropriate mitigation strategy to be performed by each team. Governance We strongly believe that we can achieve inclusive and sustainable growth through innovation, technology, and commitment. We have built a fully staffed in-house team to look after every critical component from site selection, sourcing, and due diligence to financing, construction, leasing, and exit. Even on the ground-level, various teams, partners and vendors seamlessly execute the set plans. Project partners deployed are the best in this business, complementing our in-house teams, which ensures maximum resource optimisation. The internal teams manage effective coordination of skill-sets and devised different SOPs to get concurrence from all stakeholders while proceeding ahead with construction work. As we believe in offering the best in the industry, the quality monitoring team has developed various checklists and inspection protocols for pre and post-construction activities to monitor the working method being implemented. This helps to minimise any delays in the process. One of the driving factors for us to be able to ensure all our parks are delivered in time is that there is a digital tracking mechanism that enables us, as well as, our customers to monitor the development progress. Additionally, the audit teams and our partners help us to track any delays, thus, improving our construction mechanism and delivering not just in time but a quality project that is designed and developed keeping in mind safety, accessibility, and operational efficiency. We actively promote the adoption of safe working practices, employee welfare policies, and diversity and inclusion efforts across our portfolio. In this propelling and dynamic business environment driven by innovation, technology, and abiding by ESG practices, our commitment stands strong to enable the sustainable use of resources and create a measurable impact at large, by building value for all our stakeholders. We are on a mission to build warehouses of tomorrow, today and we want to be India’s most preferred warehousing company by being a significant contributor to the Indian economic rise, providing best-in-class real estate solutions, and solving the location and supply chain needs of our customers nationally. About the author Anshul Singhal, Managing Director, Welspun One Logistics Parks, brings along a 18 years record of guiding organisations to unprecedented results in a short time. Armed with extensive domain knowledge and ingenious vision, he has led multiple teams and grown businesses to greater heights over the last two decades.

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