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Supreme´s READY-MADE plastic septic tanks

September 2016
Supreme Industries has launched SAFEGARD ready-made septic tanks.

Supreme Industries has added an innovative product range to its kitty with SAFEGARD ready-made septic tanks. This complements its existing portfolio of ´Nu-Drain´ underground drainage system. With this addition, Supreme offers a complete ensemble of advanced and ultra modern sanitation solution.

Outstanding features
SAFEGARD septic tanks are designed to provide a better substitute to conventional brick and mortar septic tanks. Conventional septic tanks are associated with multiple problems of concrete corrosion and the life span is short and uncertain.

SAFEGARD septic tanks´ features inlude: Robust design with great strength; simple and quick installation; complete corrosion and chemical resistance; hygienic and safe with 100 per cent water tightness; free from infiltration and ex-filtration; economical with minimal maintenance; long life; safe against anti-flotation; no root penetration, eco-friendly; conforms to national and international standards, building code and regulations; available in various capacities.

Superior Supreme offerings
´Nu-drain´ underground drainage and sewerage system offers numerous advantages like great flexibility, perfect hydraulic properties, great strength and durability to meet site loading requirements. It prevents soil and water pollution, and ensures high standards of hygiene. ´Nu-Drain´ is a superior substitute to conventional products. Its benefits include: Minimum excavation cost; availability of different flow profile designs as per site requirements; minimal maintenance; optimum functional qualities and good hydraulic properties; longer life and overall economy.

SAFEGARD septic tanks, together with ´Nu-drain´ underground drainage system, provide multiple benefits over traditional products and have the potential to change the face for sanitation across the country.

(Communication by the management of the company)