Requirement for bigger plants will come down in 2019

Requirement for bigger plants will come down in 2019

Premraj Keshyep, Managing Director, KYB Conmat, speaks on its tower plant, developing a compact plant, demand drivers for the coming year, and more….

One pathbreaking offering: We have introduced a tower plant for the city environment. The plant has a footprint of 6 m × 8 m with vertical space and works in a total dust-free environment.

Demand drivers in 2019: The last few years were mainly dominated by the roads and concrete road sector, and we had a lot of demand from the roads sector. Being an election year, I do not foresee new projects on roads to be in house, so the requirement for bigger plants will come down. However, the requirement for middle-level plants, like 60-75 cu m plants, will go up as the focus will be on completion of existing projects. I foresee the development of the irrigation sector.

Announcement contributing to the company’s growth in 2018: Realigning the product segment and introducing a compact plant were the major announcements. This time, we have developed a compact plant to give the offering for almost all sectors.

Challenge for the company in 2019: Challenges will be many on account of elections, thus leading to fluctuation in demand. Besides, a lot of Chinese companies are entering the market with lower prices but there is no effort to develop technology or introduce new technology. 

Key strategy to success in 2019: We have a diverse portfolio and our focus on services is increasing. 
Recommendation for the growth of the construction equipment market: We request the forthcoming government to maintain growth, and manufactures to put in efforts to develop technology rather than offering substandard machines.