The major demand drivers are new infrastructure and building construction
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The major demand drivers are new infrastructure and building construction

Waterproofing as a segment has been growing as a subset of the construction chemicals industry. 

It has added many non-construction chemical products (membranes, fire stopping, drainage and protection courses), which puts its growth at a faster rate of around 20-23 per cent. Limited urban spaces, harsher polluted environment and abnormal demands of construction will lead to adoption of high-tech materials, driving the construction chemical and waterproofing industry to grow even faster. In this background, Sunny Surlaker, Head-Technical Communications and Marketing, Tremco India, shares more…

Tell us about your most innovative offering?
Tremco brings 90 years of experience and high-tech products for waterproofing, joints, fireproofing and glazing. We look forward to breaking the cost-focus mindset in waterproofing by bringing in the latest high-tech value-added solutions. Our core competency of developing ‘Hybrid Chemistry’ makes our systems robust, easy to use, green and durable.

Our systems are versatile in applications. For example, our TREMproof 250GC can be used in basements, wet areas, podiums and terrace gardens as well as for detailing joints. It can be applied even if the substrates are wet, a first for resin based systems. Our Vulkem systems are used to waterproof car parks, terraces, pool decks, generator rooms or any areas under abrasion. Our sealants can be used to seal construction or expansion joints, as crack-filling media and as a flashing system in transition areas. Our roof waterproofing systems are tough as well as energy-saving. Our systems allow owners or applicators to work faster and stock lesser material, which means cost savings. 

We look forward to launching Tremco’s versatile, patented PUMA technology that combines the advantages of Methyl Methacrylate with flexibility, ease of use and environmentally-friendly benefits of PU coatings to meet extreme requirements in waterproofing bridges, tunnels, and helipads.

Any offerings for the issue of corrosion?
Waterproofing is a type of corrosion protection. Our systems remedy the three main avenues of water ingress in concrete, providing corrosion protection. 
  • Integral Waterproofing Crystalline Systems reduce the permeability in the concrete itself.
  • Hybrid, extreme movement joint sealants, seal cracks and joints.
  • Barrier Waterproofing Systems stop water through the body of the structure itself.
Corrosion-wise, our solution Alumanation® 301 has set the sustainable standard in metal protection for over 60 years. A high solids, asphaltic, asbestos-free coating, Alumanation uses advanced fiber reinforcement technology to protect and reinforce corroded metallic substrates. Once coated, surfaces do not rust, provide seamless waterproofing and reduce temperatures within the coated structures.

Which segments are driving maximum demand? 
The growing investment in construction and the need for sustainability, will drive the growth of construction chemicals and waterproofing. The major demand drivers are new infrastructure and building construction. Remedial waterproofing as well as focus on waterproofing new structures will further drive demand for us.

Any challenges faced?
Price sensitivity is a key challenge for the sector. Other key challenges in the waterproofing segment are: Low awareness, lack of standardisation, using old ‘prescriptive’ specifications and the fragmented nature of the industry. These challenges are sectoral, but do impact growth. Tremco’s focus on pushing correct specifications, personalised service and training will help increase the awareness about correct waterproofing practices and thus improve durable construction practices in India.

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