Size and Cost of Warehouse Development

Size and Cost of Warehouse Development

Owing to high demand, the average trending size for warehouse development in metros is increasing from 1-1.5 lakh sq ft to 3-5 lakh sq ft. In non-metro markets, it is between 50,000 sq ft and 75,000 sq ft.

From a client’s perspective, the option of flexibility and customisation in growing the space as per their business needs translates into value for money. “Also, the turnaround time for each of these PEB structures is very fast (six to nine months),” says Aditya Virwani, COO, Embassy Group.” Tenants are increasingly looking for expansion options within the parks.” Depending on specs and assuming you are providing top-notch infrastructure, the development cost can be anywhere between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,200 per sq ft.


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