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Servicing the Industry

Servicing the Industry

01 Oct 2011
Sany India invests Rs 300 crore in 6S Service centres. 

Sany Heavy Industry was ranked 431st among the global top 500 companies by Financial Times in July 2011, with a market value of USD 21.584 billion. Sany is also one of the world's top six construction and engineering equipment manufacturers, producing concrete, road, excavation, pile driving, coal mining, port and wind power equipment. Sany's wide range of products provide a comprehensive one-stop solution to customers.

With technological advances, technologies are no longer secrets amongst different brands, and products have become increasingly homogeneous. In future, competition will be more about who can provide the best service.

Core competency

Service, manufacturing process and R&D are the three core competencies of Sany, and service has always been placed at a strategic position. The company's unwavering business philosophy has always been 'Whatever we do, we do it for customers.'

On March 18, 2006, Sany innovatively pioneered the first 6S service centre for the construction industry in the Chinese market. This centre centralises six functions: sales, spares supply, service, survey, show and school. It was a a strategic move by Sany, which garnered a very positive market feedback and an enthusiastic customer applause.

In order to provide better service and reach to customers in the Indian market, Sany India is planning to further build 6S service centres in seven cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai. According to the company's plan, each of these 6S service centres will cover around 20,000 sq m, with the total investment of seven 6S service centres amounting to Rs 300 crore. The launch of these 6S service centres will allow customers an easy access to the one-stop, all-encompassing and multi-purpose service, and ensure that they will get the full product look-and-feel experience before the sale, as also convenient service after the sale.

Trump card

Sany's trump card is its ability to provide customers with customised service, one-window solutions, a wide range of options and maximum value. And this strategy will be even more effective with the company's visionary initiative to fill the market void of 6S service centres for the Indian construction industry. With the seven 6S service centres spread across the country, customers will find it much easier and quicker to:

1. Select the equipment suited to their needs and access strong technical support for their project solutions; 
2. Get professional training of equipment operators and maintainers; 
3. Get spares and parts; 
4. Have their machines repaired at a low cost; 
5. Allow service engineers to go to their premise to solve their issues; 
6. Ensure free equipment inspection and high-quality maintenance.

(Communication by the management of the company)
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