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The Gen-Next Innovator

September 2015
The exterior panels by Fundermax have adorned hundreds of Indian residential and commercial premises.

FunderMax, the leading manufacturer of high pressure laminates (HPL) for interior and exterior applications, operates in India through its 100 per cent subsidiary, FunderMax India, with corporate office in Bengaluru.
With over five thousand projects, FunderMax offers highly durable and versatile compact exterior panels that have adorned hundreds of Indian residential and commercial premises.

An innovative companion
The limitless variety of designs available make FunderMax compact panels an innovative companion for discerning architecture that is long-lasting, cost-effective and superior quality, making it a pioneer in this category. With its diverse range of nature, material, metallic and vibrant neon decors, FunderMax panels break the monotony of conventional facade cladding.

Customised to perfection FunderMax also offers ´Individual Decors´ for the aficionado of customisation. These aesthetically appealing individual decors have all the technical features of FunderMax compact panels.

FunderMax panels offer versatile attributes like optimal light fastness, double hardening, scratch and solvent resistance, easy cleaning, impact resistance, self-supporting, frost and heat resistance, and easy installation.

These panels are used in fatade, balcony and attic claddings, partitions, fences, outdoor furniture, public facilities, playground facilities, sports facilities, sun protection, awnings, business entry portals, children play home and functional constructions, and in interior specialised applications such as toilet cubicles, tabletops, etc.

(Communication by the management of the company)