Higher demand emphasises the necessity of Green movement in India

March 2013
Dr Prashanth Reddy, Manging Director & CEO, FunderMax India

Offering an extensive portfolio of decors for wide applications, Fundermax, alongwith IGBC, is trying to promote the concept of Green Buildings in India. Dr Prashanth Reddy, Managing Director & CEO, elaborates on this initiative of the company, its other operations and future plans.

Elaborate on the products that you offer?
We have an extensive portfolio of decors that can be used for wide range of applications. Our duromer high pressure laminates as per EN 438-6 Type EDF are adorned with unparalleled features for exteriors. They offer freedom of design, perforations, motifs, etc and are widely used in facades, soffit, louvers, pergola, fences, gates, canopies, balconies, etc.

Which of your products are most in demand and who are the leading takers?
We offer a highly versatile range both for exteriors and interiors across the residential, commercial, retail, hospitality sectors, etc. In India particularly, our compact exterior is the most sought after product used widely across segments.

Are you seeing a demand from any new segments?
Being one of the leading producers of high pressure laminates, we operate across various segments and have recently forayed into the infrastructure development like Airports, Metros, etc, where we have ongoing discussions.

Have you recently introduced any new products?
We recently launched 'Lapsiding' and 'Alucompact' panels along with new decors, and have also added different finishes such as glossy and matte.

If yes, how can these benefit a project in terms of going green?
These products offer the same benefits as Green Buildings but differ on aesthetics and functionals in terms of adding reinforcement strength when perforated. The panels can work only in combination with the installation system. We have so far completed over 1,500 projects in a span of just 1,000 days. This projects have all benefited in terms of thermal insulation and resultant energy savings irrespective of they being 'green' rated by any authorised agency.

What is your outlook on India's green building movement? Where is the industry for green building and sustainable construction headed?
Growing awareness, high energy demand and about 25 per cent to 30 per cent shortage in supply emphasises the necessity of this movement and it's indispensability.

Any case study that you would like to share with us with respect to a project and how your offering has contributed to it achieving a green status?
We along with Indian Green Building Council are trying to promote the concept of 'Green' and its importance in the future, but still there is a long way to go. FunderMax was involved two projects that abided to the 'Green' norms. The first of this included the Pritech Park Project (SEZ) where our panels were used in interiors for rest room cubicles. This project was awarded platinum rating. The second, Alexandria, Bio Tech Park in Hyderabad, used our panels for façade application.