A key differentiator of RIB is our industry-specific focus, knowledge and expertise

A key differentiator of RIB is our industry-specific focus, knowledge and expertise

RIB Software has a portfolio of solutions that are loved by hundreds of thousands of users, built on decades of industry knowledge and experience. For the Indian construction industry, its primary solutions are RIB 4.0, RIB Candy, RIB CostX, and RIB BuildSmart. Andrew Skudder, Chief Revenue Offic...
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RIB Software has a portfolio of solutions that are loved by hundreds of thousands of users, built on decades of industry knowledge and experience. For the Indian construction industry, its primary solutions are RIB 4.0, RIB Candy, RIB CostX, and RIB BuildSmart. Andrew Skudder, Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Management Team Member, Joshua Schrijvers, Vice President, SEAJ, and Peter Damhuis, Vice President, MEA, from the RIB team, tell us more…. Please provide us an overview of RIB’s core products for the Indian construction industry. RIB 4.0: This future-proof construction enterprise Cloud platform helps manage all projects from end to end with 6D BIM (3D design + 4D schedule + 5D cost + 6D carbon). It connects all teams, anytime and anywhere through all devices, and provides real-time intelligent data for effective decision-making, helping project teams to build faster, smarter and better, and enabling enterprises to be more efficient, sustainable and successful. RIB Candy: Estimate, plan and control the project like a pro. From on-screen quantity take-off, estimating and project planning to final certificate, it targets the unique requirements of construction contractors, providing an interactive link between the bill of quantity (BOQ), estimate and programme in one exceptional project management solution. RIB CostX: The complete estimating solution, it is used in over 90 countries. Clients can take advantage of world-leading 2D take-off, 5D BIM support, integrated spreadsheets, subcontractor comparison system, carbon quantification and customisable reports, all in the one programme. RIB BuildSmart: From protecting margins with fit-for-purpose systems that intelligently enhance productivity and addressing siloed and uncoordinated data to delivering accurate costing and financial information, this legislatively compliant software is equipped for the nuances of construction accounting. As a feature-rich enterprise financial accounting and cost management solution, it empowers contractors to take control of procurement, plant and equipment management, stock and inventory management, and payroll and subcontractor management. RIB Carbon Quantifier: Launching exclusively to Building Transparency’s EC3 community in the first phase of its launch, it will be the first of its kind to assist the built environment in extracting and quantifying embodied carbon data quickly and efficiently from the EC3 database. Through a seamless connection to this data, industry professionals will be able to effectively quantify and measure carbon, facilitating better design and procurement decisions to help achieve a lower embodied carbon footprint. What sets RIB Software apart from its competitors? RIB Software stands out through its integrated 6D BIM capabilities, which allow for the digitisation of every aspect of a project’s lifecycle and its impact on the environment. Our offerings enable general contractors and consultants to accurately estimate project costs and control them, improving quality, collaboration and safety throughout the value chain. Our portfolio covers all stages of a project lifecycle, providing support in planning, design, preconstruction, construction, operation, maintenance, collaboration, document management and business intelligence. Our estimation suite provides precise quantity take-off and enables transparency in procurement and risk identification. The Carbon Quantifier allows for analysis and simulation of CO2 emissions to optimise for sustainability. Our 6D BIM solutions combine cost, time, quality and sustainability. We also offer collaboration tools, commissioning, and handover features. A key differentiator of RIB is our industry-specific focus, knowledge and expertise. RIB offers industry standard, out-of-the-box and customisable solutions. Our RIB Candy, RIB CostX and RIB Carbon Quantifier are readymade solutions that eliminate confusion and fatigue associated with highly customisable systems, providing a purpose-built solution for the construction industry. Our RIB 4.0 solution is highly configurable, allowing customers to adopt work processes specific to their needs. Different customers have different preferences and we believe we are uniquely positioned to offer a range of solutions to meet their needs. How do you approach prospective clients and narrate the value proposition? We address the challenges they face, particularly in the pre-construction and construction phases. We highlight the competitive tender market, where global competitors are emerging alongside established ones, increasing the pressure on winning bids. Additionally, we emphasise the importance of maintaining profitability, managing risks and promoting collaboration among internal and external stakeholders. We explain that insufficient collaboration can lead to missed opportunities and increased risk premiums, while effective collaboration upstream and downstream is critical for accurate estimations and smooth project delivery. Further, we stress the growing importance of tracking sustainability metrics, specifically embodied carbon, as it impacts bid eligibility and project delivery. Our solutions provide real-time visibility across five dimensions: stakeholder, scope, schedule, cost and carbon. They enable informed decision-making, maximise value, and contribute to a more sustainable world. We highlight our: Industry expertise: With a 60-year track record, we have a proven history of delivering value and innovation to general contractors.Global presence: Operating in over 100 countries, we provide seamless and consistent support worldwide.User-centric approach: Our solutions have been tried and tested by over half-a-million industry professionals, ensuring usability and reliability.Experienced staff: Our team of 2,600 employees brings real industry expertise to support our clients.Sustainability focus: As part of the Schneider Electric family, we leverage the knowledge and experience of one of the world's most sustainable companies, independently validated by Corporate Knights. In summary, in an ever-changing Indian construction environment, contractors need software solutions like ours to drive value, efficiency and sustainability across their project portfolios. By focusing on collaboration and visibility, RIB software has earned the trust of leading contractors throughout the construction lifecycle. What scope of business does RIB anticipate in a country like India? The construction industry in India is currently undergoing remarkable growth and progress. We contribute to this growth by providing our industry-leading products and services through implementing advanced technologies like Integrated 6D BIM, prefabrication and green building practices. Our solutions have been proven to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and promote sustainability. Despite the industry's challenges, including project delays, insufficient funding, a shortage of skilled labour, regulatory obstacles and land acquisition issues, our solutions offer effective resolutions that can streamline the industry and support its development. Please provide insights into RIB’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Building and construction projects represent a staggering 40 per cent – or 20 gigatons of global greenhouse gas emissions per year – and account for 36 per cent of the world’s energy consumption. As such a massive consumer of raw materials and natural resources, never has it been more crucial for the building and construction industry as a whole – and contractors in particular – to play their part in reducing these figures. Until recently, the industry’s response to global warming has been focused on reducing operational emissions; in other words, energy used to heat, cool and light buildings. Having made great strides in this area, it must now turn its attention to embodied carbon emissions found in the materials and construction processes throughout a building’s lifecycle, which represent a quarter of the carbon emitted during the life of a building and 11 per cent of global carbon emissions. If we are to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there needs to be at least a 30 per cent energy intensity improvement in buildings by 2030. RIB’s sustainability vision is to become the most advanced company for 6D BIM and lead the effort in empowering industry professionals to reduce the impact of embodied carbon throughout the lifecycle of a building. How does RIB Software tailor its offerings to meet the specific needs of clients, and what are the biggest obstacles the industry currently facing? What is the action plan strategised to overcome them? The Indian construction industry faces a range of challenges in the pre-construction phase, including: Project competition and global competitors: The competitive tender market poses a risk to the orderbook quality of general contractors (GCs). Our solutions help GCs navigate competition from both established and new global competitors by providing insights and tools tailored to each unique country and location. Win-rate challenges: It is not just about being invited to bid but also winning projects. RIB software offers features that enhance the bidding process, increasing the chances of winning projects. Margin pressure: Being able to set competitive margins in the pre-construction phase of a project for GCs is critical, and relies on accurate and timely estimate, schedule and risk information to optimise margins to ensure a good win rate but, equally importantly, also end margin outcomes of a project. Risk concerns: The global construction environment involves various risks such as health and safety, quality, delivery, and supply chain risks. Our tools enable effective risk management and pricing of risk by providing comprehensive visibility, allowing GCs to mitigate potential risks. Insufficient collaboration: Effective collaboration among internal and external stakeholders is crucial for building a strong orderbook. Our solutions facilitate seamless collaboration, ensuring all team members work together efficiently. This collaboration extends internally across different departments and externally with subcontractors and material suppliers. Further, in the construction phase, GCs face new challenges related to project delivery. We address these by providing improved visibility, enabling better project tracking and management. Additionally, GCs are now faced with the increasing challenge of tracking sustainability metrics, particularly embodied carbon, which has become a critical aspect of the construction industry. We recognise the importance of measuring, reporting and reducing embodied carbon and offer solutions that help GCs track and manage sustainability metrics effectively. This is crucial in meeting industry standards, winning bids, and ensuring successful project delivery, considering the rising scrutiny of the industry's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) record and the need for a carbon-neutral industry. How does RIB support the digital transformation of the construction industry and facilitate collaboration among project stakeholders? Our purpose is ‘to make engineering and construction more efficient and sustainable’. Our software solutions and services are all aimed at delivering on this by providing our customers with the world's leading end-to-end lifecycle solutions. Together with our customers and inspired by our purpose, we drive digital transformation that makes a difference to the lives of our customers and employees, and the planet. How does RIB address the challenges of scalability and adaptability in its software solutions? Through modular and flexible architecture, Cloud-based solutions, integration capabilities, scalable database and infrastructure, continuous updates, user training and support, to name a few, we effectively address the challenges of scalability and adaptability, allowing organisations to grow, evolve and meet the dynamic demands of the construction industry.

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