Building themes into real estate
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Building themes into real estate

Nowadays, most real-estate projects of reputed companies adhere to a theme chosen to improve the marketability of the project, observes Mehernosh Pithawalla, Vice-President and Global Head, Marketing, Sales & Innovation, Godrej Security Solutions. Themes are usually selected based on local needs. For instance, a reputed builder declared it was providing great surroundings in Pune while the same builder, for one of its projects in a certain location in Mumbai, promised enhanced security as the location was considered to be less safe, and hence the promise of greater security would potentially attract more clients.

Indeed, when security becomes the theme of a real-estate project, it takes centre-stage, and all buildings are built around the theme, explains Pithawalla. Essentially, security is built into the campus layout as well as into each building forming part of the development, to improve its value proposition and functionality.

Even in the case of projects that do not carry an official ‘secure’ tag, security still figures as a building perquisite that must be met. “As architects, we’re far more focused on security today than we were 15-20 years ago,” opines Dikshu C Kukreja of C P Kukreja Associates.

Architects play a vital role in creating safe buildings. “Security must be conceptualised during the project design stage to provide the network for integrating various security system features,” observes Shabbir Kanchwala, Senior Vice-President, K Raheja Corp.


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