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Dr BL Maheshwari, President, The Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association (CCMA)

“A major part of construction chemicals goes to infrastructure. The building segment is a bit depressed in the market right now. But with infrastructure growing well, the construction chemicals industry is doing well.

Specialised services have a huge opportunity because you need trained specialised contractors to undertake specialised works for infrastructure projects such as railways, bridges, roads, etc. Only specialised contractors understand the technologies manufactured by construction chemical manufacturers for various types of projects.

Opportunities come in the form of new construction and repairs. In fact, 25-28 per cent of the construction chemicals segment business comprises repair works.

In 2020, I am expecting a growth of 25 per cent for the construction chemicals industry. In terms of trends, dry mix mortar is growing fast. By 2025, India will have a huge market for everything readymade—plaster, repair mortar, flooring products, ceiling products, chemicals, etc.”