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Probable solutions to ensure safe and healthy structures

Probable solutions to ensure safe and healthy structures

01 Jun 2019
CW conducted a brief dipstick survey among select industry experts in the real estate sector to gauge their thoughts on probable solutions to ensure safe and healthy structures. Here are some findings:

  • Will modular buildings or prefabricated buildings and standardisation with effective quality ratings be a solution? Why some believe ‘no’, some are absolutely positive, and some think that to a certain extent this could be effective.
  • Will mandatory certification serve the purpose? There has been absolute acceptance to this, and definitely up to some extent it will!
  • Just like vehicles above a certain age have been asked to go off the roads, can buildings older than a certain time, unless certified as heritage, be asked to seek certification on a quarterly basis? While this is viewed as an obvious action, with people stating, ‘it has to be and, certainly, after a good number of years’, it is also believed that periodic certification should be required, say every three to five years, depending upon the age of the structure. For instance, poorly constructed buildings in extreme climates or environments can deteriorate faster.
  • Should concrete mixes done on site attract higher GST to encourage standardisation? It is believed that this cannot be generalised as there may be specific requirements to mix on site in certain areas. In the end, ready-mix concrete is not the only answer; the water-cement ratio has to be controlled.


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