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Multifaceted Flooring

Multifaceted Flooring

01 Oct 2019
Flooring Solutions for Hotel Industry from Mapei.
Design work for the hotels sector is characterised by a precise professional commitment: Finding the best way to combine aesthetics with functionality and elegance with practicality. Choosing just the right colours and materials is fundamental in defining the quality of the end result and its durability over the years. To truly enhance the personality of spaces and surroundings, we must employ, first and foremost, installation products and systems that are in line with the overall objectives. This is why Mapei is the only company in the sector to have such a comprehensive and articulated range of solutions available, the result of its extensive experience which is constantly updated with the addition of new, innovative products. In the repertoire of opportunities targeted at the world of hotel architecture and interior design, you will find the perfect answer for every type of design requirement, even the most complex and original, always including the reliability of the Mapei brand. 

Resilient flooring
From lobbies to kitchens, from floor and wall coatings, in bedrooms, bathrooms and communal spaces to the architectural design of fitness centre, spas and wellness facilities, from structural strengthening projects guaranteeing the highest possible standard of anti-seismic safety to the soundproofing of rooms, eating places, bars and meeting or conference rooms, Mapei has no lack of fast and efficient products and systems allowing these facilities to be accessible quickly.  All this without forgetting the needs of facilities alternative to conventional hotels ranging from modernised country homes to eco-friendly locations.
Mapei offers different types of flooring systems like cementitious, epoxy, polyurethane and resilient floorings. 

Resilient flooring
Mapei has more than 30 years of experience for the certified solutions of sustainable projects world-wide for adhesives for installing resilient and textile floor coverings. Mapei has solutions for different type of resilient flooring like PVC, LVT, Rubber, Linoleum and Textiles. 
Adhesives introduced by Mapei India recently:
Ultrabond 333 – Skim coat and cementitious finish for plaster. Ultrabond 333 is a solvent free multipurpose adhesive in water dispersion, formulated in a ready to use light beige paste. 

Ultrabond Eco V4SP – Universal very high-performance adhesive for resilient floor coverings for vinyl and carpet application and sound insulation. Ultrabond Eco V4 SP is a solvent free, synthetic polymer-based adhesive in water dispersion, formulated in a ready to use light beige paste. Due to its formulation and extended open time, it can be used as wet-bed adhesive for all kind of floorings on absorbent substrates, as well as transitional pressure-sensitive adhesive for bonding dimensionally stable floor coverings on impervious, non-absorbent substrates.

Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT – Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT is a solvent free, fibre-reinforced synthetic polymer-based adhesive in water dispersion, formulated in a ready to use light beige paste. Specifically developed for LVT in tiles and planks, it is characterised by a fast and strong initial grab and a rapid set, as well as a rigid and cohesive final film, which gives the floor covering a very good dimensional stability.

(Communication by the management of the company)
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