Our show brings in the right synergies, making it the ideal spot for networking

November 2016
- Igor Palka, CEO, bC Expo India
BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA, the international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles, is expecting around 750 exhibitors and over 30,000 business visitors, at the HUDA Grounds at Gurgaon, this year. Igor Palka, CEO, bC Expo India, shares the opportunities the expo will offer, and more...

What is the opportunity international companies are looking at by exhibiting at BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016?
With BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016, we have increased the size of our international pavilion area. As the world notices India´s growth trajectory, more investors and players are taking keen interest in the Indian market. Currently, even if most of them are taking a cautious approach, yet in the near future, they are looking at increasing their foothold into the Indian construction sector. So, by participating in our show, these companies not only get an access into the Indian market and its varied range of players, but also understand and gauge the market. The seminars and workshops on the sidelines of the event, help them understand the Indian market better and acclimatise them with the regulatory and market environment of India. Our show brings in the right synergies at play to the ground, and hence, becomes the ideal spot for networking.

BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016 promises to provide a conducive eco-system for people to connect and do long-term business, while getting acquainted to the Indian market. For BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016, we have countries like China, Spain, Germany, North America and South America.

How do you expect the expo to further give a boost to the Make in India campaign? What is the opportunity for Indian companies to showcase their products internationally?
There are a considerable number of well-known companies that are already ahead in the Make in India curve. These are now well-established names in the industry. In terms of manufacturers, most service providers from outside India have a plant here. Hence, they are also on board in the game. However, the show provides new entrants in the sector who are pushing the Make in India initiative, ample amount of backdrop to highlight and showcase their product and services. Besides, our seminars help them understand the nature of business and keep themselves abreast with the market environment and demands.

How is the Indian Government supporting the event?
We are currently in talks with the Indian Government about the level of engagements during the December event. We are in conversation with the Department of Road Transport & Highways, Railway Ministry, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Urban Development, and Skill Development Ministry.

Over the years, we have developed a good rapport with the Indian Government, which has been supportive of our endeavor.

Also, we are closely associated with the Builders Association of India, who have partnered with us for some key seminars on the sidelines. The Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturing Association too, have confirmed their support to the show and are the official supporting association for the expo.

As an organiser, what are the main challenges you face in setting up this expo, especially where with a new venue, the infrastructure will have to be created at this site?
Our first edition of bC India held in 2011 at BKC in Mumbai is a classic example of this. When the first edition was held, the BKC ground was a flat surface with zero infrastructure facility being available. As our first endeavor in India, we had to build everything from scratch - getting all the permissions to ensuring logistics - to set up a show of this nature. But with every edition of bC India, we have worked towards providing an experience whose scale was above the last one. In fact, even our last venue at Greater Noida, saw an increased capacity in terms of the show size. However, as our footfall keeps increasing, there is a need of increasing space with every edition. The BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016, today, needs nothing less than 100,000 sq m of open air exhibition space. This, unfortunately, is no longer available to us at Greater Noida. As a part of expansion plans, new halls have been erected. Now, we are looking forward to occupying the full 150,000 sq m space at Sector 29, Gurgaon. The new venue offers visitors and exhibitors, the ease of accessibility. The Gurgaon exhibition venue provides easy access to the Domestic and International Airport, metro station, and to numerous hotels that are well-connected by roads and public transportation. Above all, the sheer size and the experience of working on this venue will be overwhelming for us as well as our visitors alike.

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