Poonamallee road in Chennai to get wider bridge

June 2013

The Tamil Nadu Highways Department plans to build a new and wider bridge across the Cooum near Ampa Skywalk on Poonamallee high road at a cost of 8 crore. The new bridge will be broader than the road and make traffic flow smoother. The Highways Department has floated tenders for the construction of what will be the third 'high level bridge' over the river. The bridge, at road level, will be at a height of 9.5 m from the riverbed and will be 47 m long.

The Department plans to build a 10-lane bridge as opposed to the six-lane road. Officials said the old bridge could be dismantled. Another bridge to replace the old one is also a possibility, if the traffic conditions warrant it, he said.

Commuters welcomed the proposal. After the second bridge was completed, the stretch was no longer the traffic bottleneck it used to be because there are three lanes in each direction, say regular commuters on the stretch. Highways officials said the new bridge will be able to manage more traffic and speed up vehicular movement.