With ´ELCOSMO-TJ´, we plan to tap India´s upper middle segment

With ´ELCOSMO-TJ´, we plan to tap India´s upper middle segment

October 2016
- Yoshiyuki Mabuchi, Managing Director, Toshiba Johnson Elevators India

India ranks second in the global elevator and escalator market. It has been growing at an exponential rate. ´Most of this growth in demand is triggered by the residential sector and emergence of several Tier-I and Tier-II cities,´ thinks Yoshiyuki Mabuchi, Managing Director, Toshiba Johnson Elevators India (TJEI). He shares more...

How is TJEI contributing to the Indian escalator and elevator market?
In the current scenario, it has become important for the elevator suppliers to not only be competitive commercially, but also be able to cater to the myriad requirements set forth by users. Toshiba has always re-invented itself so as to be the most preferred user choice as a vertical transportation solution provider. All our elevators and escalators come with energy-conscious features such as permanent magnet synchronous gearless motor, variable voltage variable frequency drives, power regeneration feature and use of LEDs for illumination in car. In addition, the design of our product is lead-free, uses active roller guides instead of guide shoes which eliminates the use of lubrication oil, and is 100 per cent RoHS compliant. Over the last decade, the elevator industry has witnessed the development of technologies in a major way, thus emphasising on safety, energy-efficiency, speed, automation and passenger convenience. Examples are: Regenerative drives, destination control systems, double deck elevators, etc. Supplying customised elevator solutions is also one of our forte.

How was FY2015-16 for the company´s business?
FY2015-16 has been enriching in terms of sales growth and has helped us add new names to our clientele. TJEI has been successful in crossing the phenomenal 1,000 units (elevator or escalator units booked) mark in less than five years since the time it established itself as Toshiba Elevators India, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Toshiba Elevators and Building Systems Corporation Japan back in April 2011.

What is the emphasis laid on high speed or functionality and safety?
We always stress on offering 100 per cent safe elevators and escalators. To achieve this, our elevators are equipped with numerous safety features such as automatic rescue device, power failure emergency operation, fire emergency operation, three dimensional infra-red light curtains, earthquake protection feature, over-speed protection etc. We also focus on offering the finest quality maintenance services. In order to provide more reliable and high-quality maintenance services, Toshiba has established a field services training centre at Fuchu Factory in Japan. This facility is a large educational facility, where specialised field technicians are trained in the latest advanced technologies to deliver more safe and comfortable elevators and escalators globally.

What are your plans for 2016 -17?
TJEI has recently launched our brand new elevator series ´ELCOSMO-TJ´, especially developed for the Indian market. Catering to the upper middle segment, ELCOSMO-TJ is targeted for low and mid-rise buildings such as mid-sized office buildings, residential buildings and the retail segment, which is the rapidly growing large volume zone for the elevator market in India. Equivalent to Toshiba´s other premium models, ELCOSMO-TJ offers leading-edge technologies in energy consumption such as top class high-efficient PMSM motors, high quality drive systems and LED lightings to enhance energy-efficiency.

The product will be marketed by both TJEI and our collaborating company, Johnson Lifts, utilising their distribution network. Furthermore, by employing some of the components manufactured in India, supplied by Johnson Lifts, this newly developed standard model is competitive in both cost and delivery time. Our joint synergy will further strengthen the expansion to seek market share in the upper middle segment.

Tell us about the new growth areas identified by the company?
So far, TJEI has already established its foothold in all the metro cities of India and has got itself associated with major construction houses of India. To name a few are K Raheja Corp, Hiranandani Constructions, Brigade enterprises, Prestige Estates, Bharatiya City Developers, DLF, Adani Group, Meenakshi Infrastructure, etc. TJEI has also spread its sales reach to many Tier-II cities, namely Kochi, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Amritsar, Jaipur, etc. TJEI has supplied its premium range vertical transportation solutions to residential segment, commercial spaces, retail, healthcare and premium hotels.

You name it and we have it. With our newly launched Elcosmo-TJ, we plan to tap the upper middle segment of the Indian elevator market.

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