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Lighting Solutions

01 Feb 2018
iBahn Illumination has launched its PRIMA and ELITE series of spotlights, the country's first app-operated chip-on-board (COB) lighting solutions. PRIMA offers reflector-based spotlights with fixed and adjustable spots, while ELITE is a lens-based spotlight with a modular design of four different reflector attachments - Fixed, Swing, Angle and Curve. They are available in 8 W and 16 W, Bright and Dim (Prima), and Warm and Cool (Prima and Elite) lighting options. Compatible with Android and iOS, the spotlights can be applied in spaces such as the living room, bedrooms, in POP ceilings for home, corridors, showrooms, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel lobbies, reception areas and in recessed gypsum ceilings.

Contact: iBahn Illumination.

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