Application: Hindon Airport


Application: Hindon Airport

Application: Hindon Airport

01 Aug 2019
Owner: Airports Authority of India

Location: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Area: 85,000 sq ft, including the terminal building (38,000 sq ft), office building and canteen building

Project requirement: The new Hindon Airport will have a peak-hour handling capacity of 300 passengers. It was proposed to have eight check-in counters, two arrival carrousels, four frisking booths, and a car park with the capacity to handle 90 cars. The terminal building will be equipped with a public-address system, fire-fighting and fire-alarm system, flight information display system, CCTV and baggage scanners.

Timeline: Four months

Challenges: “Completing the foundation work took time because of land issues,” says Nikhil Bothra, Director, Epack Polymers. 

Products used: Double-insulated roofing system, LED lighting, double-skinned insulated wall panel, rainwater harvesting system and low-heat-gain glazing.

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