Our plan has always been to localise our manufacturing in India


Our plan has always been to localise our manufacturing in India

Our plan has always been to localise our manufacturing in India

01 Jan 2020
CASE Construction Equipment is built on the principle that simple is better. Sharing more on the company’s operations and recent launches is Neil Woodfin, Vice President, CE AMEA and CE Global Alliance, CASE International SA.

Industry 2020: There has been a slowdown in 2019. We did expect the industry to recover post elections. But it did not meet our expectations. However, it is great to hear that the infrastructure investment would continue to drive growth in 2020. And, the government is making certain positive moves wherein they are supporting the leasing partners by providing guarantees to them to ensure that the money flows in and to enable the purchases by the various contractors. Infrastructure will continue to be a major segment that will grow, and that bodes well for us. We are a strong player in road construction – we have got the compactor, the grader and the dozers, and have launched the 20 tonne excavator, which can also be used in various applications.

Enhancing productivity: With telematics, we aim at providing the customer the information that they require. For us, it is important to link in to that machine to identify and understand if there is a problem and we can then plan our response more effectively, be it a repair or maintenance response. And through that planning, you can be more efficient. With this information flow, we will be able to eliminate time and up productivity for the customer. Skilling operators: One of the constraints to growth is the shortage of skill labour. And we have been training people to ensure that they are up to speed with the latest technology. This enables them to get the best out of their products.

New launches at Excon: In 2016, we launched the grader, and the following year, we launched the dozer. Our plan has always been to localise our manufacturing in India. And I am delighted that we have launched that product at Excon 2019. In India, we represent around 60 per cent of the excavator market. The 20 tonne excavator is the biggest segment within the excavator range. The application in which it can be typically used is road construction, quarries and general construction. Also, the engine in this machine makes it high on fuel-efficient compared to any other product in the market. Creating a benchmark, we have got the highest developed productivity too. This drives return on investment and capital for the customer.

Financial solutions: As a company, we try and provide a complete solution to the customer. Along with providing the best products, this also includes providing financial solutions. We recently made a major investment to set up a captive finance operation here in India. This will enable us to offer our customers the best financial solutions.

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