Power Glass is a direct replacement of glass

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Power Glass is a direct replacement of glass

Power Glass is a direct replacement of glass

01 Apr 2020
- Dr Ramesh Dhere, Partner, Co Founder, Solar Scape LLP 

According to a study, the market for commercial buildings in India will double by 2030. 

And, since commercial buildings are usually multi-storey structures, from an architectural and building perspective, glass facades are ideally suited for high-rise buildings.  Dr Ramesh Dhere, Partner, Co Founder, Solar Scape LLP, shares more on the market and the demand.

The company is launching its new range of facades with solar panels. Which infrastructure and building segments in India will these cater to, and from which of these are you expecting maximum demand for the new range?

The new range is called Power Glass. It will cater to any high-rise building (commercial, hospital, hotel) and or any buildings using glass facades. Power Glass is a direct replacement of glass in any of these buildings as it maintains all the advantages of glass, and offers added benefits such as reduced heat load, minimising needs of curtains and, of course, power generation.  

Briefly share the features and specifications of the new range of facades with solar panels.

Power Glass products offered by Solar Scape are based on thin film CdTe technology. 
As the thickness of the entire solar cell structure is less than 5 micometers, it is possible to selectively laser scribe the solar cells to achieve the desired transmission.
The installation of Power Glass is identical to regular glass facades that are widely used, thus making power glass installation simple and easy. Various features include – customised transparency and sizes, uniform light output, aesthetically good looking with colour choices.

What is the kind of R&D that gone in to understand customer requirements and bring out the new range accordingly?

We conducted an extensive survey in five major cities in India to take feedback from concerned professionals of the building and construction industries about our product and technology. And, the response was encouraging enough for us to bring this technology to India. And, we recently inaugurated our Experience Centre in Pune on March 1.

How do you view this launch impacting the company’s business growth?

The building industry has shown considerable interest in our products. For making the decision to incorporate Power Glass in their projects, they want to see the product in operation. Thus, setting up an experience centre for the industry to actually come and see the Power Glass working will go a long way in persuading our prospective clients. The anticipated growth in the building industry and the higher focus on renewable energy, building integrated products, energy efficiency, environmental-friendly building products are some of the drivers that will fuel the growth of Power Glass in India.

(Communication by the management of the company)
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