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Optimising real estate sales and customer management

September 2014
Today, we live in an era where technology is used to optimise business strategies and decisions. Hence, builders are now looking at implementing new technologies to make an informed business decision and also to stay updated on various aspects of their real estate business. One such software that fulfills this demand is the DaeBuild CRM software. Tailored to meet the requirements of Indian real estate developers, this software enables them to organise and automate various processes related to leads, sales, customer accounts, documents, brokers, and staff. It also comprises an intelligent emotive tool – ‘The White Board’, the first-of-its kind that enables developers and builders to obtain access to key sales, revenues and customer information that proves beneficial while making decisions.

Used by various developers that construct townships, mixed-use projects, residential and commercial structures across India, this software also helps developers to build relationships between the client along with its staff so that the company can compete in today’s evolving real estate sector. Sachin Mehra, Founder, DaeBuild, says “The purpose of the software is to bridge the gap between real estate developers and their customers and also empowers the buyer and seller.”

With this, it now time for effective sales!