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Smart Plaster for Smart Cities

March 2018
BHOOSHAN DIXIT, Country Head-Business Development-Green Build Products (I), elaborates on the company's ready to use plaster that works as a complete solution. 

Today, the entire construction industry is suffering from non-availability of quality river bed sand for plastering interior and exterior surfaces. Scarcity of water and labour crisis are the 'extra toppings' to these problems. Engineers are forced to finish the plastering with available choice of crushed sand, however, the shape of crushed sand is irregular, thus increasing the water and cement requirements for workability. An option without water and river bed sand is what is required to ensure quality of plastering.

Solution offered
Green Build Products (I) has introduced its innovative technology of waterless construction, which is patented internationally. The company offers offer complete package to erect an AAC block wall or alu-form concrete wall. Under green wall, it offers solutions for plastering, filling material for break joints, adhesives for AAC blocks, interior and exterior paints. All the materials required for green wall installation are available in ready to apply paste form. There is no need of any addition at site. All the above materials are GREEN PRO certified by CII-IGBC. The projects registered under GRIHA or IGBC LEED can claim points if they opt for these Green Pro Certified products.

ECO RENDER Plus developed under this technology is the ready to use plaster that makes the total plastering activity very simple and hassle-free. It is a ready to use paste, made from processed recycled wastes; is pre-polymerised paste designed to set and cure without water. It is applied with trowel or sprayed to suit the requirements of the walls. A special notched trowel helps to create a key coat for holding the POP punning applied on internal walls.

Areas of application
External plaster: ECO RENDER Plus can be applied from external side on AAC block wall or aluform concrete wall. It does not require any hacking or bonging agent before its application. The total system thickness of 8-10 mm can be achieved, which provides complete enveloping to external fatade. The crack-free ECO RENDER Plus ensures no passage for seepage, dampness, fungal growth on walls.

Internal plaster: ECO RENDER Plus can be applied in notch finish on AAC block wall, which works as an anchoring media for subsequent gypsum finish. Notched finish ensures necessary anchoring to avoid any cracks, peeling of in gypsum. The same coat also provides protection against rising moisture from inside the wall.

The white version of ECO RENDER Plus is designed for internal application over aluform surface. Even on very smooth concrete finish, ECO RENDER Plus - white does not need any hacking or bonding agent. Average thickness of 4-6 mm can be applied before application of putty and paint. This system completely replaces gypsum application on aluform concrete wall.

Refurbishment works for old building: ECO RENDER Plus finds its suitability for buildings which are undergoing refurbishment and painting. On an external plaster surface having plenty of cracks, ECO RENDER Plus can be applied before applying exterior paint. The small thickness of 3-4 mm of will ensure complete sealing of building from external side.

The way forward
ECO RENDER Plus is a thin skin application that gives crack-free surfaces, ensuring long life of walls. Since its inception in 2010, it has helped engineers construct crack-free and maintenance-free walls. It has been applied on almost 20 lakh sq ft of walls in the last seven years on several projects in India. Contractors having installed this system have saved around 50 per cent of project completion time and labour as well.

(Communication by the management of the company)