Transport Update

FOREIGN touch to high-speed train

December 2016
French Chinese and Russian companies have joined hands with the Indian Railways to bring three of the latter´s nine semi-high speed rail corridor projects on track. In these corridors, trains will run at 160-200 km an hour. For the Delhi-Chandigarh corridor, the Railways has tied up with SNCF, France, on a cost-sharing basis for a feasibility-cum-implementation study. Chinese company ERYUAN Group is working on Chennai-Bengaluru-Mysuru corridor, while Russian Railways´ participation will be for raising the speed of the Nagpur-Secunderabad corridor. The Railways is already in talks with foreign firms for other terminals, too, which include Delhi-Kanpur, Nagpur-Bilaspur, Mumbai-Goa, Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Chennai-Hyderabad routes.