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July 2014
Tata BlueScope Steel launches thermatech solar reflectance technology in COLORBOND steel.
Tata BlueScope Steel introduced Thermatech technology with COLORBOND« steel, its flagship coated steel brand, at the Roof India Exhibition in Chennai on May 17, 2014. Thermatech technology in COLORBOND steel helps lower surface temperature by reflecting more solar heat, thereby reducing the heat radiation travelling into the building, keeping both the roof and interior cooler. This trend setting product was launched by HE Sriprakash Shastry, Partner Aswathanarayana & Eswara LLP, Chennai. ´COLORBOND´ steel with advanced ThermatechÖ solar reflectance technology offers an improved level of thermal performance. Even with the introduction of Thermatech paint technology the properties of COLORBOND steel such as its long term performance are not compromised.´ said Shastry at the launch.

´All roofs made with COLORBOND steel now incorporate the new Thermatech technology, which will boost the thermal performance of COLORBOND steel without changing its appearance.´ said Mahendra Pingle, DGM, Market Development Coated Steel, during the launch.

Colorbond steel
Thermatech technology in COLORBOND steel reduces the temperature inside the building by up to 6¦C in the hot weather, thus reducing the need for air conditioning. In a moderate climate, it can reduce annual cooling energy consumption by up to 15 per cent as compared to roofing materials of the similar colour with a low solar reflectance.

(Communication by the management of the company)